The secret to your awakening

joanna hunt arms up in awakening

YOU, beautiful mama, YOU as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. 

The big question is … Do you agree? 

Are you deserving of your own love and affection? Do you mindfully take time every day to offer yourself love and affection? If not, how come? If yes, then how do you do it and could you turn it up a notch or two? 

A mother with high self worth has habits built into her everyday life that allows her to offer herself love and affection – even on the days where her unconscious limiting beliefs are flaring up and self-sabotage is creeping in. 

She does this through discipline. 

She becomes disciplined in offering herself love and affection on a daily basis to uplevel her self-worth and attract what is in alignment with her highest self. 

Believing in your value and knowing your worth is a crucial part of the process of awakening. 

Upleveling your self-worth will make profound changes in your life happen faster and with a lot less effort. You become a super-attractor. 

Mamas with low self-worth tend to self-sabotage through unhealthy attachment. They get really clingy – to limiting beliefs, to mediocre experiences, to toxic habits, to unhealthy relationships – or they become really distant – and push down their true self and their shadow (both at the same time) within them and do not embrace the next necessary step to uplevel their life. 

Mamas with high self-worth embrace change. They let go with grace. Letting go is fun – it’s a game – because they know that when they let go, an even better surprise and awakening is on it’s way, every single time. 

If you want to improve your relationship with change and boost your self-worth, then it is time to balance your Metal Element. 

Do you believe you are deserving of a wonderful life? 

Do you believe you are destined for greatness? 

Feel into that question for a moment. Place your hands on your heart, close your eyes, take a big breath. And let me ask you again, do you believe you are deserving of a wonderful life? Do you believe you are destined for greatness? 

A lot of the moms I work with want to answer this question with a yes – but, if they are being honest with themselves – they aren’t feeling very good about themselves and life isn’t feeling very wonderful at this current moment. If that is how you are feeling – that’s okay. 

All feelings are valid. All feelings are information. And we have to honor the information our feelings are communicating to us. 

We have to feel to heal. And acknowledging what’s not feeling good within your life right now is the first step. Acknowledging that something in your life feels off.

After you acknowledge and honor your feelings – deeply know that there is something you can do about it, to change, to feel better, to feel like your best self. 

As I outline in my book – Find Your Mama Groove – the focus within the Metal element is to increase your self worth and improve your relationship with change. 

Through this awakening, as you start increasing your self-worth, you will attract better experiences into your life. It’s a magical trick that works every time. It’s time for you to start believing you are deserving of a wonderful life – a life in which things keep getting better – a life of greatness! 

Increasing your self-worth will allow you to let go of things from the past more freely because you deeply know that goodness is on its way into your life and will arrive as soon as you make space for it. 

That’s the process – we let go of what’s not working, we create the space for something new, and then we let the goodness come pouring in. 

The greatest action you can take in increasing your self-worth and open up to your personal awakening is to stay committed to yourself. 

Transformation only works if you show up. 

Commitment is essential! 

Take the first step today with this FREE MEDITATION designed to BALANCE YOUR METAL ELEMENT ENERGY: I am committed to my transformation and want this FREE MEDITATION <Still The Mind Meditation>

Enjoy it, mama.

With all my love,


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