3 Month Coaching Portal

Find your purpose, create fire in your relationship and reconnect with your kids on a soul level.  

It's your time to…

It’s time for you to experience the quantum shift your soul has been deeply desiring. It’s time for you to GROOVE right into your highest possibilities and become the Mama you are destined to be.

It’s your time...

… to be the most balanced, happy, and connected mama you know!

What Is Find Your Mama Groove™?

A 3 month Coaching Portal that follows a 5-step embodied elemental methodology that takes 20-minutes a day.

Mama’s who have been through the portal speak of a radically transformational process that will see you commit to a new purpose, receive the love you desire and solidify life-long, soul level connection with your kids. 

If you just said, “Oh, thank God!” to your computer, you’re not alone.

And if you immediately followed that up with, “Okay, Joanna, but how do I do that?” then read on.

How are you spending the next 3 Months?

Week 1&2: Burnout To Balance™

Value: $1,111

Start feeling a renewed sense of purpose, a rebirth of intimacy in your relationship and a deep connection with your kids. 

Week 3&4: The Metal Element

Value: $1,111

In the Metal Element, I teach you how to create Self Worth. You will learn how to identify and release the limiting beliefs, physical baggage, and old stories that are holding you back. You will be given the tools necessary to clear your mind, purify your home, and rid yourself of limiting subconscious patterns so you can finally own your worth and gain the confidence necessary to make big, beautiful change.

Week 5&6: The Water Element

Value: $1,111

In the Water Element, I teach you how to create Self Trust. You will learn how to slow down, feel more, and TRUST yourself. I will offer you simple adjustments to your current lifestyle that will lead to more energy, less anxiety, and a clearer vision for what you truly desire. The Water Element allows you to maximize self-trust and help your soul to feel aligned and relaxed with the new direction you are moving into.

Week 7&8: The Fire Element

Value: $1,111

In the Fire Element, I teach you how to create Self Love. You will tap into your passion, both within your life and with your loved one. You will be given tools to re-spark your inner light and discover how to surrender into your feminine energy right now so life can start being easier, more fun, and more pleasurable for you.

Week 9&10: The Earth Element

Value: $1,111

In the Earth Element, I teach you how to nourish yourself. You will tap into what deeply aligns with your soul. You will be introduced to simple adjustments you can make within your parenting and lifestyle today that will make you feel whole again and finally allow you to deeply connect to your child/ children.

Week 11&12: The Wood Element

Value: $1,111

In the Wood Element, I teach you how to own your magic. You learn how to invite your family into the creation of a conscious lifestyle. The consciousness tools revealed will provide you with ways to fill your home and family with compassion and give you a roadmap to start sharing your unique magic with the world.

Sign Up & Receive:


Value: $6,997 USD

Your Investment: $1,111 USD

What, where and how?!

6-modules. Each module is 2-weeks long and broken down into bite sized daily segments.

20-minutes a day, 5 days a week. That’s it. 20-minutes of YOU time – free from distractions and dedicated to doing the inner work to uplevel your life. 

Yes, 2-days off a week. It is important to have time to fully integrate. 

You gain access to a daily coaching video followed by an accompanying embodied exercise. The exercises vary day to day and include therapeutic meditations, breathwork practices, balancing exercises and journaling prompts.

You will need you, your computer or phone, and a quiet place. Please bring a journal and pen along to write down insights. A yoga mat or meditation cushion is a luxury – not a necessity.

These coaching sessions are designed for you to do alone and in privacy. These 20-minute sessions are sacred time for you – this is when the real inner work will happen.

There is one coaching video a day for 3 months (excluding the integration days). Each around 5 minutes in length.

One to follow each coaching video. They are 10-15 minutes in length and include Meditations, Breathwork Practices, Balancing Exercises and Journaling.

If you’re drawn to this experience,

there’s a reason.

A nudge.
A “yes yes yes” rising up from the soles of your feet and the depths of your heart.

It’s telling you: If not now, when.

It’s telling you: Take the leap.

It’s telling you: A new way of being is possible.

Isn’t it about time you proved that voice right?

Joanna Hunt book

Joanna Hunt is a Best Selling Author and Life Coach For Moms… 

Joanna has a Master of Arts in Counseling and over 1000+ hours in Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training. She has combined the two to craft a specialized method of healing for families and has worked with over 1,600 mothers globally.

Born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, over the past 15 years Joanna has lived and worked in Boston, New York City, London, Bali and The Isle of Wight in the UK (think Martha’s Vineyard if you’re American!).

Joanna now lives on the Isle of Wight with her husband, Pete, and two daughters.

Joanna has worked with and/or been featured on the BBC, YogiTimes, Wanderlust, Bloss and Sheerluxe