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14 Day Online Course

Looking for quick life wins and a mega boost of energy? 

Burnout To Balance™ has been described as “Miraculous”.

What’s the difference between the Mom who’s feeling radiantly healthy, deeply connected to her partner and children, and enjoying all the delicious balance of living life on her own terms…

And the Mom who’s feeling depleted, undernourished and barely getting by?

Here’s what you’ve been led to believe:

(P.S. None of these are the correct answer by the way.)

The truth about how you flow from Burnout to Balance?

It’s about simple, easy to learn, conscious living strategies that will tell you how to make some quick life wins, genuinely boost your energy levels and provide you with tools to get clear on the immediate changes necessary to uplevel your life.

Burnout to Balance™ is a 2 week online coaching program for Moms who want to wake up with a spring in their step.

It’s about creating a clear pathway on how to transform your core energetics from disempowered to empowered. 

Burnout to Balance™ is as much about what you get to say goodbye to as it is the new soul-aligned reality you’re calling in.

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Look at everything you’re about to leave behind:

Don’t you feel lighter already?

That’s just the beginning, mama.

Over the next 2 weeks,

you’ll transform from burnout to balanced…

…with more energy, more focus, and more love for yourself and your family.

Your journey can start today!

I know you are the master juggler and currently have approximately 1 billion “things” bouncing around in your mind. 

So, I created this online coaching program for you with exactly that in mind. 

It was made by a mom for a mom and calls on you to dedicate just 20-minutes a day, 5-days a week, for 2-weeks. That’s it.

That’s all you need to start feeling some serious soul-level shifts within your life.

2 catch up days are built into every week – because I get it, life happens, and you deserve some days off to relax, integrate and play with your new found spirit!

“Daily miracles”, “instant transformation”, “immediate life-upgrades”, “deeply healing and liberating at the same time” have been a few ways my coaching videos have been described.

Are you ready to experience all that magic for yourself? 

(Did I just hear your heart scream “HELL YES”!) .

Sign up and get:

Your Investment: $111 USD


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Joanna Hunt is an International 

Best-Selling Author

…and Empowerment Coach for Moms. Joanna supports Moms to find self-love, power and abundance through the art of her coaching methodology.

Joanna has a Master of Arts in Counseling and over 1000+ hours in Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training. She has spent over 15 years in the profession and combines western and eastern practices.

Born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, over the past 15 years Joanna has lived and worked in Boston, New York City, London, Bali and The Isle of Wight.

Joanna has worked with and/or been featured on the BBC, The Independent, Yoga Barn, The YogiTimes, Wanderlust, Sheerluxe and is now featured with wellness experts including Dr. Shefali on the YogiTimesUni online site.

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What, where and how?!

20-minutes a day, 5 days a week. That’s it. 20-minutes of YOU time – free from distractions and dedicated to doing the inner work to uplevel your life. 

Yes, 2-days off a week. It is important to have time to fully integrate. Each week there are 5 coaching sessions. This means you have 2 rest days – spend them as you wish – a soulful yoga flow perhaps? (yap, soulful yoga flows are included too!)

You gain access to a daily coaching video followed by an accompanying embodied exercise. The exercises vary day to day and include meditations, embodied breathwork practices, energetic balancing exercises and journaling prompts.

You will need you, your computer or phone, and a quiet place. Please bring a journal and pen along to write down insights and energetic downloads you are receiving. A yoga mat or meditation cushion is a luxury – not a necessity. 

These coaching sessions are designed for you to do ALONE and in privacy. These 20-minute sessions are sacred time for you – this is when the real inner work will happen! 

There is one coaching video a day. And, there are 10 coaching videos in total. Each around 5 minutes in length. 

There are also 1o exercises to follow. One to follow each coaching video. They are 10-15 minutes in length and include Meditations, Breathwork, Balancing Exercises and Journaling.