Hi, I'm Joanna

My Mission

Supporting mothers to transform from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to re-energized and empowered by creating a soul-aligned life instead.

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A little about me...

Mothers I coach describe me as an “Angel”, “Liberator of the Soul”, “Fairy Godmother”, “Spiritual Guide” and “Miracle Healer.”

I am blessed to hold this space in Mothers’ lives between Bali and the Isle of Wight with a loving, conscious, inspiring soulmate, a beautiful, wild, spirited daughter and a conscious community of fellow Mamas navigating their path. 

"My life didn't always look like this."

Eating disorders, anxiety, medication haunted me through my childhood and into my 20’s. 

Although I was a trained counselor, it wasn’t until I fully committed to my yoga practice that I started to feel, slow down and consider that there was a truer and more beautiful way of living life. 

Life simply resembled a tussle between heart and mind – they were simply poles apart.

At 30 my heart started to win. I moved to New York City and became a very overqualified (!) Yoga facilitator which opened my eyes to soulful connections, open minds and open hearts. 

To a gal from a farm on the Northshore, Massachusetts, Manhattan was an injection of life force I’d never experienced, and it’s here that I decided to set up as a Conscious Family Coach™ – a world first.

Opening my heart took me to Bali and into the arms of an adventurous, loving and soulful man that stands shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart with my dreams. Yes, it actually happens. 

Dreams can come true…

if we act on them.

My work as a Conscious Family Coach™ sees me guide Mamas who are ready to redefine their experience of motherhood by reclaiming their feminine divine powers which subsequently puts an end to generational trauma and heals their children. 

By creating containers for Mamas to love themselves, we create the environment to support our children in feeling deeply loved and celebrated for the magic that’s within them. 

We are quite literally changing the consciousness of mother earth. 

Now there’s a thought.

Conscious Mamas changing the consciousness of the world

by creating aware, awake children.