14 Day Coaching Portal

For The Mama Who Has Woken Up To A New Way Of Being.

Here’s what you’ve been led to believe:

My experience of working with over a thousand Mama’s tells me that all this list does, is land you in Burnoutville. 

So I created a solution. 

What is Burnout to Balance?

Is simply a 2-week online handheld bootcamp for the soul. It’s for the Mama who has woken up to a new way of being.

A renewed sense of purpose, a intimate relationship and a deep connection with your kids is all possible. 

So this is why I created a stepping stone, a place where you can start your journey without feeling overwhelmed. 

Burnout to Balance™ is as much about what you get to say goodbye to as it is about the new soul-aligned reality you’re creating for yourself.

Over the next 2 weeks,

you’ll transform from burnout to balanced…

…with more energy, more focus, and more love for yourself and your family.

Your journey can start today!

This online coaching portal was made by a mom, for a mom and calls on you to dedicate 20-minutes a day, 5-days a week, for 2-weeks. That’s it.

That’s all you need to start feeling a renewed sense of purpose, a rebirth of intimacy in your relationship and a deep connection with your kids.  

Two catch up days are built into every week so there is time to integrate. 

The coaching sessions are designed to feel light, empowering, and the highlight of your day. 

“Daily miracles”, “instant transformation” and “immediate life-upgrades” have been a few ways my coaching videos have been described.

So are you ready to swan dive in?


Sign Up And Receive:

Value: $1,111 USD

Your Investment: $222 USD


What, where and how?!

20-minutes a day, 5 days a week. That’s it. 

Yes, 2-days off a week. It is important to have time to fully integrate.

You gain access to a daily coaching video followed by an accompanying embodied exercise. The exercises vary day to day and include meditations, breathwork practices, balancing exercises and journaling prompts.

You will need you, your computer or phone, and a quiet place. Please bring a journal and pen along to write down insights. A yoga mat or meditation cushion is a luxury – not a necessity.

These coaching sessions are designed for you to do alone and in privacy. These 20-minute sessions are sacred time for you – this is when the real inner work will happen.

There is one coaching video a day. And, there are 10 coaching videos in total. Each around 5 minutes in length. 

There are also 1o exercises to follow. One to follow each coaching video. They are 10-15 minutes in length and include Meditations, Breathwork, Balancing Exercises and Journaling.