Fulfillment over comfort

One of the biggest blocks I see for mamas is they choose comfort over fulfillment. 

Perhaps you can relate too?

You can begin to unlock this block by giving yourself permission to dream. 

Yet, many mamas deny themselves the chance to dream – because they are hyper focused on meeting the needs of everyone else first – so hyper focused on keeping everyone else comfortable and safe – but that is a huge dis-service to themselves and their family. Because – mama’s are the ultimate creators. 

You are the ultimate creator. 

Your innate female energy is pure alchemy. And what is the greatest possible life for you will result in the greatest possible life for your children. I promise you this – it goes hand in hand. 

  • No more compromising. 
  • No more sacrificing. 
  • No more blocking yourself from living in alignment. 
  • No more waiting until your kids are older to do that thing you deeply desire. 
  • No more playing it safe. 

Now, now is the time. 

Now is the time for you to discover your truth and share your authentic passion with the world. 

You are here to become the most balanced, happy and connected mama you know. This calls on you to embody and live your truth by openly sharing your authentic passion, your magic. 

And you living in this way –  invites your children to do the same. 

A powerful way for you to claim what you DESIRE and declare the LEGACY you wish to create within this lifetime is through balancing your wood element energy.

The wood element invites you to UPLEVEL your life to a whole new dimension. And you are going to do this by tapping into your unique gifts and start taking the first steps to sharing them… and that will be sharing them with your family. 

However, you will be doing this in a softer, more playful, more intuitive way than you’ve ever done before. 

If you are like – “A LEGACY … me??? Yikes, Joanna – that’s a bit much don’t you think!” Then (haha) NOOO – I think it’s just right … just right for you and you are ready for it! 

And, think of it like this… I know that you would do anything for your children. 

I know you would DIE for your children. 

You would literally lay down over a railroad track for them. But, are you willing to really LIVE for them? 

Are you willing to LIVE a fulfilling and passionate life of purpose for them? 

Are you ready to FLY for them?

So with that being said – let’s begin to reimagine what is possible for you AND for your family. Let’s UPLEVEL your life and make a quantum shift in the way you are living so that your kids can do the same? 

I hope your heart cheers a HELL YESSS to that. 

If you are struggling to name your magic, if you are struggling to find your mama groove or OWN your mama groove – then give yourself time to identify what you are feeling, give yourself space to feel what you’re feeling. And then push yourself further into the discomfort, because the time has come for you to experience the elation that comes from choosing fulfillment over safety. 

  • The time is NOW for you to OWN your gifts and start sharing them with others. 
  • The time is NOW for you to start living in full integrity with your Higher Self so that your kids will one day be able to do the same.
  • The time is NOW for you to shine your light into the world so that your kids can do the same.

The light that shines from your heart – that illuminates from your aura – when you are sharing your true gifts, holds a high level of vibration that is magnetising. 

That sort of energy from within you – allows you to play with the universe in a whole new way. In a magical way. 

In a way that will uplevel your life and your family in the most extraordinary ways. And That magic…  is the essence of the Wood element, that’s the essence of “Finding Your Mama Groove”

“Find Your Mama Groove™” is my signature offering. It is a 12-week coaching program with over 120 on demand coaching videos and energetic balancing exercises that will teach you to exactly:

  • How to reclaim your self-worth
  • Connect to your intuition
  • Find your balance
  • Own your special spark
  • Claim what you want
  • And……….live out your desires. 

I made it for the mom who are ready to become the most balanced, happy, and connected mom they know. For the mama who is ready to experience the quantum shift her soul is deeply desiring. For the mama who is ready to take full responsibility for her life and family. 

Find Your Mama Groove™ has been described as “pure gold dust”, “deeply transformational”, and “the best investment of this lifetime”. 

I have never been so proud of anything I’ve created. It’s designed to take your life to the next level. 

And it will, guaranteed. 

If you want to see a sneak peak click here: I want a Sneak Peak of this Pure Gold Dust

With all my love,


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