The Healy

“It’s the ultimate wellness tool” - Joanna Hunt

So what is the Healy

The Healy is a wearable (as you can see in the photos) frequency device approved by the FDA. A holistic wellness device used to balance and support your body’s bioenergetic field. 

The device can measure and analyze your individual energetic imbalances on a physical, mental and emotional level and then deliver the specific frequencies back to your body. 

Customized and specific frequencies to realign your cellular emotional and – or energy centers back into the bioenergetic harmony.

It is pure MAGIC and has drastically reduced my anxiety and attentional issues.

Healy currently delivers over 144,000 frequencies to assist you in areas of pain, beauty, fitness, sleep, learning, emotional and mental wellbeing, chakras and meridians. 

Cutting edge science and technology by a group of German conscious creators, doctors, scientists and engineers.


My experience with The Healy 


The frequencies emitted by this device have helped me to cope with my anxiety and attentional issues in a way that nothing else has – not counseling sessions, medication, meditation, nor my sacred yoga practice.  

It helps me to be present and at peace.

It helps Tula sleep through the night better and has helped her heal faster from a few random skin rashes that have appeared over the past year.

It’s helped Pete overcome a 20-year brain fog and focus better than he ever has before… and so much more.

In short, it makes me feel like a modern day medical mama for my family and I’d love every family to own one. 

Interested? Jump on a short call with me and I’ll answer your questions and tell you a bit more.