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Are you a working mother who is burning out or straight burnt out? 

Do you:

 Feel like you’re surviving and not thriving?

Feel stuck? 

Want to slow down your rushing mind?

Feel your your work/life balance a constant struggle? 

Your family’s needs always come before your own?

Feel like you can’t keep up? 

Have no one who truly hears you? 

Not have a space to share how you are really feeling? 

If you are nodding your head ‘yes, yes. yes’ then please know, I see you. I feel you. I was you. And, I guide working mothers, like you, to take your life from burnout to balance.


I’ve been waiting for you

So how can I support you?

I have been in the wellbeing industry since 2006. 

As a trained counselor, yoga and meditation teacher, and personal development devotee, I have merged my learnings to create a unique mind/body methodology called “The Family Balance Method”.

My methodology is documented in my international best-selling book “Find Your Mama Groove” and was the foundation to the creation of my signature 12 week training program.

The program predictably increases your self-awareness, enhances your energy levels and confidence while getting you crystal clear on the shifts necessary to radically uplevel your life, your family and your future. 

Hi there,

I’m Joanna

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Working Mothers I coach describe me as an “Angel”, “Liberator of the Soul”, “Fairy Godmother”, “Spiritual Guide” and “Miracle Healer.”

I am blessed to hold this space in working mothers lives online while living on the UK with a loving, conscious, inspiring soulmate and a beautiful, wild, spirited daughter.

I am in my life’s work as a coach for working mothers. I create safe containers for working mothers to find their happiness, clarity, and peace, and in turn, this energy deeply benefits her family and career too. 

The best investment

you can make

is in yourself.

Choose the path that's right for you

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This best-selling book will help you to redefine your experience of motherhood and find your mama groove with love, confidence, and a bit of fun.

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14 Day Online Course

A 2-week online coaching portal for working mothers to transform mindset and core energetics.

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12 Week Online Course

A 12-week on demand program teaching you to reclaim your self-worth, find your balance, and own your special spark.

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12-week Group Coaching Container for the Working Mother who wants to experience a quantum shift their soul has been deeply desiring. Experience a clear pathway on how to start living in a way that feels easy, fun, and meaningful and finally have peace of mind knowing your family will thrive without needing to sacrifice your own big vision and dream lifestyle.

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Corporate Wellbeing

Ranging from group coaching through to executive coaching, my corporate wellbeing packages are designed to take your mothers from surviving to thriving, benefitting them personally whilst increasing productivity and boosting employee retention.


Join The Community

What does it feel like to be in a sisterhood full of high-vibe, highly visionary, heart-centered light bringers who play big and follow their hearts?

You’re about to find out! In Redefining Motherhood with Joanna Hunt Facebook Group, you will be surrounded by women who understand what it’s like to want to achieve greatness, live a soulful life, and nurture a beautiful family at the same time.