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Self-Love | Power | Abundance

Empowerment Coach For Moms

Self-Love | Power | Abundance

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Something needs to shift.

Everyone is telling you how capable you are, but all you hear is your inner bitch, criticising you.

People comment on how beautiful you are, but you can’t hear it. You’re secretly reeling from body image issues and may suffer from disordered eating. 

Your friends and family tell you what an amazing family you have, but you are not connecting with your partner in the way you long to. 

Your passion is out and your sex life is majorly suffering.

Your children on the surface are doing well, but you struggle to be present and playful with them.

Your gut tells you that all is not what it seems.

This is not the life you want, nor the life you are destined for.

You know you have magic within you, but you feel disconnected from it. 

You feel stuck and indecisive.

You’re privileged in many ways, but you feel financially disempowered. 

So how to create the shift?

By creating self-love, power and abundance in your life. 

These three feelings will uplevel your life, relationships, and career in the most extraordinary, liberating ways.

And are all yours, if you are willing to say YES to living an empowered, “soul-full” life.

I’ve been waiting for you

Hi there,

I’m Joanna

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Moms I coach describe me as an “angel”, “Liberator of the Soul”, “Fairy Godmother”, “Spiritual Guide” and “Miracle Worker!”

People often ask me why I do this work. 

The answer is deeply personal.

As a child, I struggled with anxiety that grew into an abusive relationship with bulimia because I didn’t feel good enough and I didn’t know how to emotionally express myself. 

This led me to pursue a career in child counseling because I wanted to create a safe space for children to be seen and heard, and to share their feelings openly and honestly, something I did not have growing up. 

After training and working as a child counselor for 9 years, I was still struggling personally with anxiety and bulimia, and I needed more than western-based talk therapy to heal. 

So, I quit my job and went on a BIG healing journey to learn more eastern-based tools and practices, which heavily focused on embodiment. 

I qualified as a yoga teacher, teaching in Boston, New York and Bali and it was in Bali that I studied Yoga Therapeutics which introduced me to the healing power of embodiment. 

The healing I underwent was deeply profound and transformational. 

It was around this time that I realised I had spent my professional career treating the symptom, not the cause. 

I had been focusing on empowering the child and not the mother. 

So hence where I am today – dedicating my life to supporting mothers become empowered. 

 Because I know that an empowered mother is a deeply feeling mother. An empowered mother is vulnerable, owns who she is, commits to her growth and potential, upholds strong boundaries, loves herself and loves her life, and feels free to be herself wholly… so that her children can be themselves wholly too.

I am blessed to hold space in moms’ lives online, while living on the Isle of Wight in the UK where I run my Empowerment Clinic for Moms.

I live and co-create with a loving, conscious, inspiring soulmate and my beautiful, wild, spirited daughter.

The best investment

you can make

is in yourself.

Choose the path that's right for you

So how can I support you?

Through digital programs, a beautiful global community, private coaching and embodiment retreats, I meet moms where they are at and guide them through the level of healing they wish to experience. 

If you commit to working with me, you will:

Drop out of you head and into your heart. 

Get clear on who you are and what you want.

You will experience genuine self-love, perhaps for the first time in your life?

You will feel the power that comes from taking aligned action.

And, make the necessary changes to allow emotional and financial abundance to effortlessly flow to you.  

You will heal.

And as you heal, your family heal too – it’s truly magical

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My Book

My best-selling book will introduce you to my unique coaching methodology “Family Balance Method” and gives you the exact steps I created to heal myself to the empowered state I now live in.

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My Audiobook

Your time is valuable, I understand that and it’s why I’ve recorded my audiobook so you can listen on the school run, on the way to work, when your working out or even in that bubble bath!

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Private Coaching

An intimate 12 week program working exclusively with me to reclaim the feelings of self-love, power and abundance.

 Experience a clear pathway on how to start living in a way that feels easy, fun, and meaningful.

Finally have peace of mind (and peace within your heart) knowing your family will thrive without you needing to sacrifice your own big vision and dream lifestyle.

Spaces are limited but please read more by clicking on the link and if it feels right we can connect and discuss over a discovery call.


“Joanna truly has the voice of an Angel that you want to plug into when the world gets a bit overwhelming. Her meditation series is beautifully constructed and has made a huge difference to me”.


Managing Director