Joanna Hunt

Why I Know The Family Balance Method Works

I explain my findings over the past 15 years of practice and why I believe the Family Balance Method works.

Why I Know The Family Balance Method Works and Singular Approaches Don’t – Especially in the Corona Era.

Over 15 years of professional practise have shown me two main things:

  1. Traditional counselling addresses the surface problem, but frustrates clients because it doesn’t address the symptoms that led to the problems in the first place. 
  1. Yoga provides a clear window of awareness to what the root problems are, but offers little space for meaningful dialogue or action steps to make lasting improvements. 

Thus the solution to family happiness, health, and connection is fundamentally simple and unlocked through combining the two, and I have created this within The Family Balance Method. 

I know The Family Balance Method works because I have witnessed the transformation in thousands of families in Boston, New York, Bali & London. Having now taken my coaching online, I combine the very best of Western counseling practices with tried-and-tested Eastern philosophy to create a team approach to family healing that is as fun as it is effective. 

This family transformation that occurs within The Family Balance Method is categorized as a High Mood healing process. When moods are high, energy is up, and positive changes happen more easily. 

The high mood vibration design of The Family Balance Method promotes increased embodiment, engagement, and trust. All of which are the secret ingredients to healing, and just not possible in traditional counseling or yoga alone. Important always but essential now as we are locked into our homes with our families. 

Mother Theresa eloquently said, if you want to change the world then go home and love your family. Well you are home now so I’ll take that one step further; if you want to learn how to love and be loved by your family, then try The Family Balance Method

There is no need to suffer any longer, there is no need for disconnection. But, please understand, the issues and challenges within your life and family will not change unless you take the initiative. 

The Family Balance Method can help you do just that. Let it be your guide to a happy, healthy and connected family. 

Love, Joanna x


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