Joanna Hunt

What is Mama Burnout?

So – I put a questionnaire on my Facebook Group “Balanced, Happy, Connected Moms” yesterday and it was revealing just how much 2020 has effected our mental health.

Burnout is the overriding theme.

But what is burnout exactly and does any of the following relate?

Let me explain….

Mama burnout is real. It is the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion felt from the constant stress of motherhood. From the constant pressure of pleasing others.

From the constant sapping of helping, fixing, and saving the day for the ones you love. All leading to a feeling of overwhelm. An overwhelm that stems from trying to be all the things – except the real you.

Perhaps you know the feeling?

Your spark is out.

Your energy is zapped.

Your motivation levels are depleted.

You feel unaccomplished, even though you’ve completed like a million tasks throughout the day.

You’ve lost touch with who you are.

You are stuck in the day-to-day motions.

And don’t know how to get out of this hamster wheel you’re in but you would give anything for someone to swoop in to save the day. To save you.

I’m here to tell you that you can save you. The power is within. You are your own superwomen.

You are your own guru.

You are the one who can save the day. But How? You accept how you feel. You ask for help. You accept the help. And you let the healing begin.

Start by getting a FREE copy of my best selling book “Find Your Mama Groove” by clicking this link!

So, let’s reclaim your time, your energy levels, and your happiness. What are you waiting for? Let’s go! 

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