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As mothers, we must learn to identify when we are parenting (and living) from ego vs. our truth.

What do I mean by this? 
Well, it can be summed up in one word: control. 
When we parent from ego, we try and control what our kids do and who they become; we put an undue pressure on our kids to be a certain way instead of embracing them for exactly who they are. 
When we parent from our truth, we respect our child enough to really see them for who they are and celebrate their special spark. 
We let go of any expectations and allow our kids to intuitively blossom into the beings they are destined to become.
Similarly, when we live from our ego, we are caught up in how
others perceive us and feel the need to hide our quirks, yet when
we live from our truth we are fully confident just to be ourselves.
The quickest route out of this Mama vortex is meditation BUT that’s easier said than done when we are busy and our minds are full.
That’s why I’ve gone ahead and created this meditation series for you to hop into when you feel the call.
joanna hunt facilitating a women circle
joanna hunt sitting back to back with yoga lady
joanna hunt facilitating a women circle and all ladies have hands in centre of circle on the floor

Here’s what you’re getting:

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Feeling lighter already?

That’s just the beginning, mama.