I founded Wight Wellness in 2019 with my husband Pete with the intention of creating connected, happy and balanced lives through experiences and group classes. 

Since then, a new world, a new you and a new solution has evolved. 

Based in Seaview on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, Wight Wellness is one of just 700 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves worldwide, and is just 2 hours south of London Waterloo station.

Wight Wellness exists for you to

overcome the challenges you are experiencing

…and are sure to come as a result of the brave new world. 

For some, a dream has come true.
To be able to work at home.

The majority however are struggling. Five days a week connecting, creating, laughing and loving was 80% of their life. 

We know mental health is suffering, we know motivation is suffering, we know results are suffering as a result and we know company culture is under pressure…meaning staff loyalty is weaning. 

Momentum is stalling and as such so is financial opportunity.

This is where we step in.

Wight Wellness creates corporate connection retreats that gives your team space to connect and create.  And from a domestic angle we build luxury bespoke retreats that create transformational results.