Redefining Motherhood:

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Dates: 8th, 9th & 10th June 2021
Time: 8:30pm EST
Place: Online

In this Redefining Motherhood Training you will discover:

Each day will cover...

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Day 1

Conscious Lifestyle Inventory

Let’s get real on what needs to change within your life and why. I am going to give you consciousness tools to help you clearly identify how you are rejecting your authentic self and depleting your energy levels.

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Day 2

New Moon Women’s Circle

Experience the ancient feminine practice of a New Moon Circle. The intention of this circle is for you to live your truest and most beautiful life in a community of soulmate sisters. We are going to use the powerful manifestation energy of the New Moon to set soul-aligned intentions for your newly emerging, upleveled Self. 

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Day 3

Embodying the Elements to Uplevel

What does this actually mean, how is it relevant to your energy levels and soul’s alignment, and why is it important specifically for you in getting to this next phase of your life?

This is for you if you…

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Your Guide:

Joanna Hunt, Best Selling Author and Conscious Family Coach

Hi there,

I’m Joanna

I always knew I was meant to hold powerful spaces for powerful women to come together, receive all of their desires and more, and quantum leap at rates that make their soul light up with pure joy and radiant wholeness.

Spaces where women can speak unapologetically about their desire for spiritual growth, s3x, intimacy, healing, impact, wealth, magical powers and sisterhood.

Where female leaders and healers can come and be held, seen, and supported to reach her desired heights.

And although I knew it, I didn’t allow myself to start living out my truth, holding these spaces, and sharing my magic until 6-years ago.

"My life didn't always look like this."

Eating disorders, anxiety, medication haunted me through my childhood and into my 20’s. 

Although I was a trained counselor, it wasn’t until I fully committed to my yoga practice that I started to feel, slow down and consider that there was a truer and more beautiful way of living life. 

Life simply resembled a tussle between heart and mind – they were simply poles apart.

At 30 my heart started to win. I moved to New York City and became a very overqualified (!) Yoga facilitator which opened my eyes to soulful connections, open minds and open hearts. 

To a gal from a farm on the Northshore, Massachusetts, Manhattan was an injection of life force I’d never experienced, and it’s here that I decided to set up as a Conscious Family Coach™ – a world first.

Opening my heart took me to Bali and into the arms of an adventurous, loving and soulful man that stands shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart with my dreams. Yes, it actually happens. 

Dreams can come true…

if we act on them.

My work as a Conscious Family Coach™ sees me guide Mamas who are ready to redefine their experience of motherhood by reclaiming their feminine divine powers which subsequently puts an end to generational trauma and heals their children. 

By creating containers for Mamas to love themselves, we create the environment to support our children in feeling deeply loved and celebrated for the magic that’s within them. 

We are quite literally changing the consciousness of mother earth. 

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Conscious Mamas changing the consciousness of the world

by creating aware, awake children.