Corporate wellness programs designed for working Mothers…

…who have ambitious career goals but need to redefine their experience of motherhood in order to thrive and pursue their unique path.

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Mama, find your work-life balance.

You can have it all!

If you have managed to keep a hold of your best talent (the Moms!), then I tip my hat to you.

You are doing something right, and the fact that you are still reading means you are genuinely invested in your best talents wellbeing, which has a direct ROI on your bottom line.

Whether your business is heading back to the office, has cut the office out completely, or you’re going half and half – your Moms are most likely in a state of exhaustion and probably close to making some decisions that will not serve you.

You know – Au Revoir, adiós, Arrivederci…

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I’m here not just so that you can retain your best talent but so that your best talent takes quantum leaps past normality into meaningful transformation.

We both know that the women on your team are strong, successful and independent career women

They have always prided themselves on being passionate about what they do. 

They work hard and always give 100%. 

They deeply care about what they do and who they work with. 

But since covid and lockdown hit, something within them has shifted. 

The passion has dimmed. 

They simply cannot balance out the demands of Motherhood and their own unique path.

Find Your Mama Groove is a corporate group coaching container designed for women who are devoted to being a great mom AND impacting the world.

Give your mamas the gift of alignment.

Find Your Mama Groove will do just that.

It is the boost of rejuvenation their souls are seeking. It will allow them to create balance between their career and their role as a mom. Leaving them feel renewed, fulfilled, present, and most importantly, an active member of your team.

Corporate Wellness For Mothers

Redefine with Joanna Hunt

$ 12,500
  • 15x Licences to my online "Membership Village"
  • 12x Week Group Coaching Course - Find Your Mama Groove
  • 60x Daily Coaching Video
  • 60x Daily Exercise Videos
  • Total time needed per day - 20 minutes
  • Accountability Group with access to Joanna
  • 6x Group Coaching Calls with Joanna
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 15x Signed Hard Copies of Joanna's Best-Selling book - "Find Your Mama Groove".
  • Digital and Audiobook copies of Joanna's Best-Selling book - "Find Your Mama Groove".

Redefine Plus*

  • All of the above plus*
  • Agreed number of licences for the online "Membership Portal"
  • Timeline to be discussed - Annual contracts available
  • Private Coaching Available
joanna hunt on computer in bali cafe