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The Family Balance Method

Joanna Hunt's Conscious Family Coach

About the Method

The Family Balance Method is a real time 5-Elements Process that starts with yourself, then once you are feeling more calm and in control, extends out to your partner, children, whole family and even community. It combines the very best of Western counseling practices with tried-and-tested Eastern philosophy to create a team approach to family happiness, health and harmony that is as fun as it is effective. 

I provide you with information to which most mothers have not yet had access: knowledge about conscious parent changemaking and family healing that isn’t in the mainstream of today’s Western culture, but which has existed within Eastern culture for eons.

What Will Your Explore?

  • The Five Elements Theory derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’ve interpreted the Five Element Theory to create The Family Balance Method so that you can use this ancient system to bring balance and harmony into your family 
  • The key emotions and roadblocks associated with each element
  • Why each element in important to developing balance
  • What each element is in relation to you and your family
  • What are the imbalances associated with each element
  • What you can do to bring yourself back into balance
  • 35x Yoga Sequences
  • 35x Meditations 
  • 35x Energetic Balancing Exercises
  • Balancing Breathwork Guide 
joanna hunt private coaching

Private Coaching

For those looking to take their practise of the family balance method a step further I take applications for private coaching. I am never working with more than 5 families at a time so places are extremely limited. If you would like to apply to work with me directly – please follow the link below.

Joanna Hunt doing yoga with kids