Family Balance Method For Mums

Conscious Parents are Balanced, Happy, Connected Ones

To all the frazzled, burnt-out moms out there. I see you. I feel you. I was you.

Sometimes, I am you.

And, I get it. You do A LOT. Your to-do list is ever-growing, and so are the bags under your eyes.

Nap time is never long enough, if you’re lucky enough to get one at all. You feel like the world is going to collapse if you aren’t always on your “A” game.

You beat yourself up when you deliver anything less than perfect. You feel every mom, but you, has her life together (not true by the way).

Your inner critic is a real bitch. You get frustrated more than you want. From time to time, you use a tone you are less than proud of. And your “mom guilt” is a strong force within you.

When it comes to you and your family there are no boundaries. You are in a constant state of giving and it feels like your partner and kids are in a constant state of taking. You have lost your balance – or maybe feel you never had it in the first place. Being out of balance is the root cause of the chaos within your home and family, and it’s in your control to get things into a peaceful state.

I can tell you first-hand, that a burnt-out mom, a workaholic dad, and child who knows just which buttons to press provide the perfect ingredients for marital distress, and unhappiness all round. This combination can suck the good energy out of any home (and marriage), leaving both partners with very little time and energy for one another, and the child or children feeling invisible.

Without a safe, supportive and high-mood place to talk about feelings and emotions, lots of stressors and frustrations can get bottled up. This is the case for every member of the family, especially the parents. They are the ones that usually need to do the most sharing, processing, and forgiving. In fact, most of my clients feel the biggest results within the family came from creating more joyful, relaxing, heartfelt moments between the partners.

The changes you and your partner make will have a massive impact on the well-being of your children.

Your children mirror you:

they simply reflect back the actions, habits, language, and beliefs that they observe from you, both the helpful and the harmful.

The same goes for your attitude towards taking responsibility for your health and happiness, or lack thereof. Without a doubt, your attitude towards seeking help and support around the challenges within your life is the biggest factor in your child’s ability to do the same.

Just think about it. How can you expect your child to be vulnerable and take action to improve his or her mental, physical, and spiritual health if you are not doing the same and leading the way?

That is the genius in conscious family coaching – it provides a platform for parents and children to casually and openly discuss fears, dreams, embarrassments, frustrations and challenging behaviors, all while feeling safe, loved, and connected to one another.

So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in learning more on how conscious parenting can transform your life then please get in touch. 

Love , Jo xx

For Mums

Finding Your Mama-Groove in The Corona Era

It can feel like there is a rule book in motherhood that we must follow or else – especially now with millions turning to their phones and giving their positive spin on how to deal with the current lockdown. It can be completely overwhelming.

Let me be crystal clear – there is no single way to be a mother, because no two families are exactly alike. And furthermore, even your family isn’t the same today as it was last year, last month, or even yesterday for that matter – never truer than in today’s world. 

Families are constantly changing, and therefore your mothering abilities must keep adapting too. It takes patience, commitment to personal development, and perseverance to find your own Mama-Groove. It is important to remind yourself that problems are part of the process, part of a bigger puzzle, and not your fault… so do your best to let the ‘mom guilt’ go. 

The solution to the challenges lie within you. And the solution can be summed up in one word: balance. Your ability to orchestrate balance within yourself and your family are the cornerstone to a happy, healthy, and connected life. Yet, most mothers will share with me that finding and maintaining balance is really stinking hard. Which is exactly why I created The Family Balance Method. 

Many mothers have shared with me that the problems of their loved ones are the biggest factor in their own unbalanced living. Yet, we must be mindful that these perceived problems are serving as mirrors, illuminating areas of individual growth that are needed within ourselves. 

Very often, those around us are merely reflecting the energy we give off. After all, it is much easier to notice the behavior of others than to take responsibility for our own. But, if we want big results in a shorter amount of time, then we must be prepared to dive deep into our internal workings. 

The question I pose to you is this: How open are you to change –  real change? Changing not just your outer appearance but your real insides? Most of us have a tendency to postpone our own happiness and health but what I have learned (the hard way) is that we either choose to grow or the universe forces us to. And when the universe forces us to, it’s usually not very pretty. 

And yet here it is, a message from the Universe; Coronavirus is forcing change on all of us and as hard as it might be to unpick the crumbs from your bra, clean the jam from your phone and deal with your husbands consistent presence – it is upto us to make the first move to create the change. 

The first step of any journey is deeply rooted in the power of choice. Our mind’s clarity on and commitment to that choice dictates our level of motivation. If we are clear and committed, we will feel high levels of motivation. If we are unclear or uncommitted, motivation will be low.  

Luckily, with a bit of discipline we are able to take over our impulses and direct our mind to choices and commitments that will best serve us. Let the choice to live a happy, healthy, life be a vibrant YES! 

Don’t worry about the HOW (How it will work? How it will fit into your schedule? How it will be received by your partner or children?)… if it feels like the right decision for you at this moment – then listen to your intuition and allow yourself to charge full steam ahead with the process of finding your Mama-Groove.

Love, Joanna x