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Mama, what happens when you take daily, mindful action?

Do you take daily, mindful action? What would happen if you do?

Mamas are the master creators!

You and I are the master creators. 

And, I have been embodying this belief more than ever before this year. 

I kicked off 2021 with very clear intentions:

  • To embody radiant health
  • To create work / family balance
  • To lead my life with feminine energy
  • To attract wealth and abundance

And, in addition to getting clear on what I desire for my life … I’ve been taking daily, mindful action to let these 4 wishes magically unfurl. 

I am in awe of how quickly these intentions have come to fruition and I am creating my deepest desires within my current reality. 

Don’t get me wrong, it has taken quite a bit of discipline, focus, and self-love. I’ve had to be committed to taking full responsibility for my life being open to receive the gifts the universe wants me to have.

I have been listening to my intuition and heavily investing in both my own healing journey and my passions over the past four months. I’ve dove deep into energetic bodywork and breathwork sessions, attending weekly women’s circles and community kirtan, participating in self-love coaching and business coaching, working with a homepath doctor and undergoing an intensive detox program, and learning how to become a sound healer – both for myself and for the women I coach. 

The more I surrender to my heart and the more I let my feminine energy lead me, the more magic and abundance come pouring into my life. 

Family Holiday

We started April off with a 10-day holiday to Lombok and Gili Trawangan. Pete and I have been working very hard over the past 2-years! From writing a book, to renovating and opening a wellness studio, to launching the highest quality online courses for mamas – we have been busy, busy! And this was our first proper holiday! We enjoyed quiet time on the beach, visiting waterfalls, scuba diving, bicycling around the islands, and enjoying the most delicious food! 

Business Blessing

On the New Moon of April 13 we held a ceremonial business blessing for It was an incredibly meaningful day for both Pete and I. My coaching business has grown from a tiny seed in my heart into a company that is going to serve thousands, if not millions of mamas, within the next couple of years. 

My online courses have been described as miraculous, life changing, and incredibly transformational. Mothers are experiencing such deep healing from both Burnout to Balance and Find Your Mama Groove. 

These courses have given them the conscious, concrete steps they need to redefine their experience with motherhood and start living the life of their dreams. 

And, super exciting! We have a new team member! We have brought on a real-life angel onto our team, Sharni Quinn. She is a global wellness star and I am feeling so blessed that she has accepted the role of CEA, my very own Chief Energy Angel. She is creatively leading moving forward as well as making sure that I continue vibing at this high level I’m at so I can continue flowing with my divine creative power and mama healing magic. 

Elemental Embodiment Retreat 

I ended the month of April on an Elemental Embodiment Retreat with one of the leading Feminine Embodiment teachers in the world, Malaika Darville. Perhaps you have heard of her? 

Malaika has been teaching women for over 35 years to embody their greatest gifts so that they can begin living the life of their dreams. And, wow! She certainly supported me in doing just that. I have never felt more connected to earth, my body, and my gifts. 

I was originally drawn to her work because she too infuses 5 Element Theory into her coaching and women’s circles. 5 Element Theory is the basis of my coaching methodology, which is outlined in my book, Find Your Mama Groove. If you are wanting to learn more about this ancient system of transformation then please let me gift you with a free digital copy of my book: You can download my book by clicking here.

I preach to my clients the importance of  taking time for themselves – and it felt incredible to give myself this gift. It was amazing to allow myself to step into the role of student and rediscover how powerful elemental embodiment tools are in redefining our life and connecting us to our power, joy, and family. 

What’s Next? 

Pete, Tula and I will be saying goodbye to Bali and hello to the UK next month. We are grateful for all the blessings, lessons, and gifts we have received from Mama Bali over the past 7 months. And, at the same time, we are excited to return to Seaview, Isle of Wight. 

So, what do you need to do to take daily, mindful action? Imagine what your life could feel like and how it would look?

I encourage you to take the leap!

Click here to download my free digital book.