Joanna Hunt

“Imagine who you want your kids to become, and be that.”

Joanna Hunt – Conscious Family Coach

Introduction from Joanna

Hi! I’m Joanna Hunt and I’m a Conscious Family Coach. Having worked with over 1,600 families globally, burnt out Moms seek me out because they want a balanced, happy and connected life for themselves and consequently their family. Often they have tried yoga and traditional counseling (or at least considered it), but never have they worked with a coach who blends the two together. The reason being is my approach is unique.

My book “Find Your Mama Groove” explains my approach where I have taken my educational background, extensive training, and over 15 years of field work in traditional counseling, yoga teaching, and yoga therapeutics to establish a solution-focused, feel-good approach to conscious changemaking and family healing.

The Family Balance Method is a 5-Elements Process that starts with yourself, then once you are feeling more calm and in control, extends out to your partner, children, whole family and even community. It combines the very best of Western counseling practices (in the USA) with tried-and-tested Eastern philosophy (which I learnt when I lived in Bali) to create a team approach to family balance, happiness and connection, that is as fun, as it is effective. 

Never before has there been so much focus on how we interact as a family because of the relative hardships we have and continue to endure due to the Global Pandemic. If you feel it’s time to make a positive decision for your family – I can’t wait to support you – so please connect through the provided links.

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